Little Owl Events

Terms and Conditions


OK there are a few Terms and Conditions - aren't there always - but I'll try to make it as simple as possible.





Please Can I ask That You Include all items you will be selling on your application to avoid doubling up of stalls.

Please Note you are  paying for a 6ft by 2ft approx. table  space.  Extra rails  etc may be used  at the discretion of the organisers (Please ask Prior to the event).


•When completing the application form for events your stall/stalls are allocated and confirmed by email.


  • By completing the booking form you are commiting to attend the events you have indicated on your booking form if your application is accepted.  



The balance  for each event is due 8 weeks before the event via the invoice which will be sent to the email address you put on your booking form. (you will have two weeks to pay this invoice/or contact us before your stall is passed to someone else} so please note dates of events you have booked.

• Cheques/ Postal Orders /BACs can be made but should be cleared before the payment deadline.Please contact us if you wish to pay this way.




•If you need to cancel the stall before the payment date for any reason, please email [email protected]




•Once payment for a stall has been made, refunds cannot be given unless The organiser cancels the event and then it will only be given if we cannot accomodate you at another event.

•You should not sell your stall on to another Trader.




1. Crafters should have made all goods for sale themselves, unless agreed beforehand with the organizer.


2. Strictly NO COPYRIGHT ITEMS This includes Disney. and football Emblems !! unless you have a commercial license, proof of this will be needed.


3. Set up depending on venue will be 1 hour before the doors open to the Public .  Tho we will be at the venue  setting out the room before this time there is no guarantee that your table will be ready until the allotted time.


4. Crafters should have public liability insurance. Food sellers should have relevant hygiene certificates and insurance.


5. No raffles, tombola’s, lotteries or prize draws will be allowed unless previously agreed with the organizer.


6. Event Opening / Closing times will Vary.




7. Could all stall holders keep their area clean and tidy by removing all their rubbish etc. at the end of the event.  Please hide your packing cases, boxes etc. by having a cloth that reaches to the ground


8. The organizers accept no liability for loss of earnings as a result of any circumstances, nor any other action by any third party beyond their control.


9. Please DO NOT PLACE ANYTHING ON THE WALLS that will mark them or anything outside your allotted space.


10. Advertising will be carried out on the run up to the event via social media, Posters and leafleting in the area and the local paper and radio station will be contacted. I will send via email a copy of the poster for you to display on your face book pages etc and if you like please print some off and display on your stall at events you attend on the run up to our event ( if you have events elsewhere  feel free to have adverts on your stall for them).

Each event will now have its own dedicated Facebook page where you can add pictures of your makes etc. add friends , family, customers so they will recieve notification of future events.

Please let people know about the event as this will ensure more potential sales for you and your fellow crafters.

As a Trader at our events it is in your interest to advertise the event along side the advertising carried out by the organiser.


Please Note as organizers




By booking a stall with Little Owl Events you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions of trade. You also agree to the following .....


◦When attending Little Owl events, photographs may be taken of the stalls. Little Owl Events reserves the right to use the images in any marketing they see fit. The images taken are the sole property of Little Owl Events. By agreeing to The Terms and Conditions, traders are agreeing that Little Owl Events may take and use images as they wish. Images taken can also be passed onto a third party working with Little Owl Events.

If you do not wish to have pictures taken of your stall please let us know.


◦By completing an online application, you are agreeing to be placed on Little Owl Events mailing list.

 Your details will not be passed on to any parties without your permission.

You can unsubscribe from the Mailing list at anytime by following the link in the footer on the newsletter.







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