Health and Safety at Events



Stall Setup


  •  Any shelving or attachments on your stall should be secured so as not to tip or overbalance the table


  • Please remove any trip hazards around your stall immediately this includes boxes etc.


  • Table Coverings should not trail on the floor and should be tucked out of the way at all times.





Electrical Items and Equipment


  • It is your responsiblility to ensure all equipment used on your stall is safe and will not cause harm to yourself or Customers.


  • Electrical equipment should be P.A.T. Tested by a competent person.




Food Safety


  • It is the responsibility of the person booking to make sure all food including sweets is labelled within current standards.

  • A food hygiene certificate is required for any food stalls and should be either displayed on your stall or available for inspection

  • Please ensure you display relevent Allergen  infomation on your Stall.


Candles or Melts


  • If you wish to light a Candle or have a melt in a burner please ensure there is no chance of tipping or that customers can catch the naked flame when reaching across your stall.  

  • Please keep out of the reach of children .


Stall Take down


  • Please DO NOT Start to take down your stall till the event has CLOSED.